More and more, the modern Australian home is opening itself up to the great outdoors. Sliding doors and bi-folds are blurring the line between inside and out, effectively making them one entity. So it makes sense that window fashions should follow suit, with beautiful and effective ways to dress these larger expanses of glass. Behold the award-winning Glissade™ Panel Glide System, a patented system of sliding fabric panels that can be fitted to any size sliding door. Panels can be either face fit or taken right up to ceiling height, well above the sliding door, for a fabulous ceiling-to-floor fabric drop that creates the illusion of much higher ceilings.

Glissade™ can even be used as a chic room divider. In a matter of moments, an open-plan room can be divided for any purpose – privacy for staying guests, a quiet reading nook for mum (or dad), or perhaps a home office alcove. Lightweight and easy to operate, the Glissade™ panels open and close with a metal wand, so can be quickly moved out of the way if you need to access a door, or section of a room. And whatever panel or stacking option you choose, rest assured your Glissade™ panels will look stunning, slide noiselessly, and let in as much, or as little, of the outside world (or next room) as you like. A 2010 Australian Design Awards finalist, Glissade™ runs on a single, unobtrusive track, regardless of how many panels are needed to cover an expanse – four, five or even six panels can be hung on a single track. The oversized fabric panels reflect the current trend for minimal window treatments, while the Uniline range of fabrics offer endless options to reflect your individual taste and style. Depending on your privacy and sun protection needs, there is a translucent or block-out weave to suit you. For an integrated look, keep in mind that panel glide blinds work beautifully with Roman blinds, as both have soft yet distinctive fabric folds.


More reasons to love Glissade

  • The robust, rust-resistant aluminium tracking and sliding rails ensure a long life of quiet, fuss-free operation.
  • Overlapping panels cut down on light penetration, making Glissade™ suitable for bedrooms, where darkness is a plus.
  • Feature brackets and optional track-concealing pelmet ensure a designer finish. Choose from Birch White, Ebony, White, Clear Anodised or Chrome.
  • Australian made and designed, the Glissade™ Panel Glide System is backed by a five-year industry guarantee.



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