Simple, elegant and easy to operate, roller blinds are the gold standard when it comes to window treatments. The appeal is obvious, pull them down for privacy or lift them up and they virtually disappear to reveal your view. The clean, uncluttered look of Tudor House Roller blinds is ideal for today’s interiors and will look good for years to come. We guarantee it !

Because fabric is the most prominent part of a roller blind, Tudor House also has a large range of stylish, hardwearing fabrics. In Screen, Block-out or Translucent options, in an endless parade of colour and texture, you’ll find the perfect fabric for every space. Of course, we also supply matching or contrasting pelmets to complete the look.

Tudor House blinds are smooth and quiet to operate. All blinds come with a chain control, but can be motorized – allowing you to lift or lower them at the touch of a button. Using a remote control or timer has the added benefit of minimizing the risk of sticky fingers or stains on blinds.

  • Adjust your light levels. Think block-out blinds for bedrooms and translucent blinds for living areas, which may benefit from softly filtered daylight.
  • Cut down on heat and glare that can make rooms uncomfortable. Similarly, blinds will help insulate your home for greater warmth in winter. Either way, you’ll pay less on your energy bills.
  • Increase your privacy – most important if neighbours live close by.
  • Protect flooring and furniture from fading, especially in sunny rooms.


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