Always elegant, vertical drapes by Tudor House offer cutting-edge design, smooth operation (that's also whisper-quiet) and insulation from the elements. Their sleek form suits modern decors that embrace clean, uncluttered lines, while their practicality makes them ideal for sliding doors or larger windows.

Tilt the blades of fabric using a chain mechanism to control the level of light in your home or office, as well as the degree of privacy. Want to see the view? Pull the cord and watch the blades neatly stack away to the left, right or even the centre, to reveal the world outside. Close them to block out heat, cold or glare or have them partially open. With versatile verticals, the choice is yours.

Tudor House vertical drapes come in two top-flight tracking systems: the Slim Series 2000, and the ultra-sturdy Unitrak. Both are available in a wide range of fabric from the Uniline collection, with tracks in “White”, “Grey”, “Beige”, “Birch White” or “Ebony” to match any window frame. Both systems feature stainless steel spacer links, which resist rust – even salt-sprayed coastal climates – and give drapes a consistent overlap to block out the sun. Polypropylene weights in the bottom of each drape hold them straight and are also rust-resistant to avoid stains or discoloration on drapes as time goes on.



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