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Folding Arm – Llaza Art 350

Create that longed-for outdoor room with the Llaza ART 350 retractable-arm awning. With a maximum projection of 3.5m and a maximum width of 5.5m, this design classic is geared to large balconies and terraces. Got an even wider expanse? Add as many sets of arms and awnings as necessary, until your area is fully shaded. Keeping the look clean and simple, the ART 350 awning sits on a square-shaped, self-supporting bar, eliminating the need for cumbersome (and unattractive) supports underneath. Attach the awning to a wall, or fix it at ceiling height for increased headroom. The choice is yours. The ART 350’s powerful arms, the strongest on the market, retract and fold out with the help of a spring-loaded mechanism. More durable than alternative chain operations, this advanced system will keep your awning fabric taut and smooth day after day, and will prolong the working life of your awning. With its stylish good looks, the ART 350 becomes a natural extension of your home. A lot of work has gone into the aesthetics, concealing visible screws and ensuring all component parts are small and unobtrusive. The result is an awning that blends in beautifully with its surroundings.

  • Perfect for larger areas, the ART 350 has a maximum projection of 3.5m and a maximum width of 5.5m. Simply add more awnings to cover a wider area.
  • Retracts and folds out via a spring-loaded system that also helps with tensioning for a smooth, taut finish.
  • No unattractive supports. The ART 350 sits on a self-supporting square bar, leaving the floor space underneath completely free.
  • A beautiful finish – all exterior screws are concealed, and the component parts are small, ensuring the graceful lines of the awning take centre stage.
  • The ART 350 components come in "White", "Ebony" and "Silver".
  • Manual, motorised or automated operation available. The automated system comes with wind and sun sensors that automatically adjust the awning according to weather conditions.


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