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Folding Arm – Llaza Win Pro 400

Accentuate the architectural lines of your home with the elegant Llaza Win Pro 400 folding arm awning, representing the latest in design technology. Stylish, reliable and manufactured to the highest standards, there is nothing rugged or industrial about the Win Pro 400. Its soft curves and clean lines, which cleverly conceal all the nuts and bolts, merge seamlessly with modern building styles. Even the lacquer on the aluminium frame and components, available in “White”, “Ebony” or “Silver”, is specially cured for a glossier finish that won’t crack or flake. The Win Pro 400 extends to a maximum projection of 4m, with a maximum width of 7m. However, the addition of extra brackets and sets of arms can extend the awning to a 12m width. Now that’s impressive. Of course strength and stability is crucial, and you’ll find those here too, in the spring-loaded mechanism. Stronger and more durable than alternative chain operations, this advanced system will keep your awning fabric taut and smooth day after day, and will prolong the working life of your awning.

  • Clean, compact design folds away neatly when not in use, extending the lifespan of both the awning mechanism as well as the fabric.
  • The arms are powered by a double tensioning transmission system that provides greater strength and durability, and keeps the fabric forever taut.
  • Can be attached to the wall or ceiling, depending on your requirements
  • Operation is smooth and precise, based on an internationally patented system that also creates less wear and tear on the awning.
  • Win Pro 400 components come in "White", "Ebony" or "Silver".

Manual, motorized or automated operation available. The automated system comes with wind and sun sensors that automatically adjust the awning according to weather conditions.


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