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Aluminium Slimline Venetian Blinds

  • Made from durable aluminium, the sleek 25mm slats come in 36 high-fashion shades, from whites, neutrals and metallics through to greens and blues. No matter what style your interior, there is a slat shade to suit.
  • For greater flexibility when it comes to fitting your windows, Venetian Blinds come in a maximum width of 3m and a maximum drop of 2.8m.
  • Easy to use, the blinds are raised or lowered by pulling on a polyester cord. When blinds are down, use a steel tilt rod to direct the light just how you like it.
  • Popular in commercial premises or larger homes, where heating and cooling costs can be astronomical, these blinds provide more of a buffer against sun, glare and wind. Great for windows that are more exposed to the elements.

 Clean looking functional blind for almost all situations