A Look At Top Window Treatment Trends Today

12 / Apr / 2017

The present forms of window treatment have undergone various changes. These days, individuals are keener on simplicity and obviously minimalism but with all that being said clean, crisp lines must still be maintained. In the past heavy drape effects were in use they included appliances such as swags, jabots, curtains and even valances that are gathered. Here are the various trends that have been celebrated across the world today:

Having layers

Layering has become increasingly popular. This is because the appearance it brings about is generally clean and its palette is often consistent. When you want to undertake layer treatments it’s advisable that you use blending colors instead of using contrasting colors. This is because any type of blinds can be used under a drape if you want to achieve a layered look.

For bay windows, the most dazzling look can be achieved if you buy rods that have elbows. This will allow you to span the entire width of your bay window hence bringing about a more complete look. Also while you consider taking a layering approach stay on the lookout for hot patterns. If you want to have a finished look, choose geometric patterns or whimsical motifs this ensures that you have that desired look on your windows.

Window banding

Window banding

Banding, be it horizontal or vertical is becoming very popular among various households. They particularly add very gorgeous detailing to any drape that is plain. Banding also adds a little pinch of interest in any drape that might lack patterns or the right blend of colors. If you want to add the visual width or height to a particular space in your house, banding is the way to go.

Having drapes that are wider

These days it is very evident that drapes are getting wider and longer, with the purpose of accommodating individuals’ preference to a much larger window appearance. Using materials that are considered lush such as silk and velvet can embellish this look. Having wider drapes gives that visual illusion that your windows are larger and with that it makes people more alert to your drape patterns and color schemes.

Having sheers that are updated

Sheers surprisingly are still very popular to date. The main reason that this is evident is due to the fact that these new sheer types are miles away from the lacy and frilly ones that were there initially. The new sheers are highly improved both in appearance and texture. They extrude a subtle iridescence because they are woven with various materials that most people do not expect. Others have printed or embossed patterns or headings that are contemporary.

Using Roman shades

The use of Roman shades has become increasingly popular for homeowners who want to maintain that contemporary look to their houses. Shades are usually a flat construction hence the fabric required is minimal as compared to that needed in full drapes. The advantage that is brought by this fact is that due to the minimal fabric needed you can upscale the choices you want. This will help you make a statement.

With all the information that you have attained, if you want stylish blinds or awnings in Perth, give us a call and let us help you install trending window treatments for your home.