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What you need to know about PVC Banners

Firstly, PVC banners are everywhere and can be found in various places which include sporting, school and corporate events. These banners are well-received which is due to them being an affordable and durable form of advertising.

These banners will not break the bank and they are mostly used for one-off events. When you opt for PVC banners, you will quickly learn about their highly portable traits. They can be easily rolled up, stored and reused at a later time. If you are interested in such banners, you should still keep in mind that banners are not a one-size-fits-all product and there are a few things you will need to consider first:

How long do you want it to last?

This type of banner is usually printed with UV curable inks or eco solvent inks. Either method is able to produce high quality banners that will last for up to three years without fading. The slight difference in its weight also makes a great difference. The banners are made from lightweight material and are suitable for many types of use. However, you should not expose it to rough weather conditions. If you want something that is stronger, do consider a heavier material for your banners. A good measure is to go with 510 gsm PVC materials as it is much stronger and can survive most weather conditions. If you need to reuse your banners annually, opting for cut vinyl numbers and letters will beneficial as you can change certain details easily.

How do you plan to put it up?

There are several ways to finish your banner and you can choose to punch grommets or eyelets through the hem. This creates a hole for you to fix up your banner with cable ties. Alternatively, one of the modern ways to do this is to go for pull-up banners. They are flexible, easy to set up, portable, require less effort to put up or down and exude professionalism.

Where will the display be used?

One of the best things about PVC banners is that it allows you print both sides with rich colours and designs. Hence, they are a common sight in places such as exhibition halls. Such locations also allow you to hang the banner from high vantage points like ceilings. In outdoor events, you may notice lamppost banners that are particularly found on high streets.

What type of message you are trying to get across?

PVC banners can help in high impact advertising and are geared towards attracting attention, spread a message to potential prospects and finally increase sales conversion rates. They are one of the most time-tested forms of advertising around the world and they can produce exceptional results. To ensure that your banner works the way you want it to, you should work closely with a designer to ensure the banner’s designs can connect with people effectively and get them to read it.

As mentioned, there are many types of banners you can choose from and you may consult with banner distributors as they have a wealth of advice and can guide you on a banner type that will work best for you.

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