Australian Capital Territory Flag



Our Australian Capital Territory flags are available Printed on Knitted Polyester only. These flags are a stock item and are readily available in different sizes.

Flags include loops on each end. Please add sister clips if required.

Can’t find a suitable size, please use the enquiry form above to contact us.

  • Materials

    Printed on Knitted Polyester
    These flags are light, have a silky finish and hence fly well.

  • Sizes

    Printed on Woven Polyester
    Longer wearing flags with a matt finish.

    • 900mm x 450mm
    • 1350mm x 675mm
    • 1800mm x 900mm
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Additional information


Printed on knitted polyester


600mm x 300mm, 900mm x 450mm, 1350mm x 675mm, 1800mm x 900mm, 2250mm x 1125mm, 2750mm x 1375mm, 3200mm x 1600mm, 3600mm x 1800mm, 7200mm x 3600mm


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