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Flag / Banner Poles

At Tudor House, we don’t only custom design and manufacture flags and banners for every occasion, but we also stock a vast range of flagpoles and flagpole accessories in Perth.

We are a family owned and operated business based in Victoria Park, Perth. We proudly supply the Perth metro area as well Australia wide including regional areas with flagpoles for home, corporate, Schools & Clubs. If you’re looking for flag poles in a range of sizes and specifications, then the experts at Tudor House are ready and waiting to help.

Call Tudor House today on (08) 9470 2717 and choose your flag or banner of choice.

Flag / Banner Poles

Select from a Massive Range of Flagpoles

At Tudor House, we stock a massive range of flagpoles and flagpole kits and accessories available for sale in store.

Standard Flag Poles

We supply traditional white powder coated aluminium flag poles, ranging from 4.5m – 7.5m and are available tapered or not tapered, with internal or external halyard. Tudor House Flag Poles include a galvanised steel spigot. The advantage of having a spigot is the ease of removal for maintenance of flag poles.

6m Cyclone Rated Flag Poles (Region D)

We supply cyclone rated flag poles 6m x 125mm, manufactured with marine grade tapered aluminium, polyester halyard rope, weighted necklace & galvanised steel flange base with spigot.

Flag Staffs And Bases

Select from our range of flagstaff’s and holsters for marching, or with bases for internal display. Our flag staffs can be cut down to your required length and we can alter the sleeve on your existing flags to suit our flag staffs.

Wall Brackets

For wall mounted flagpoles, we have a range of flagpole brackets. Available for internal & external use, Including heavy-duty, small angled and vertical wall brackets.

Flag Pole Accessories

Mushroom Cap

  • White UV Stabilised Nylon
  • 125mm x 55mm
  • To Suit 60mm Diameter Flag Pole
  • With Pulley

Sister Clips
We stock sister clips which are a figure-8 clip; one pair is looped into the rope on the flag, and the other pair is looped on the halyard on the flagpole. The two pairs of clips, clip together.

  • White UV Stabilised Nylon
  • Suitable for all Flag Pole Halyards

Rope Cleat

  • White UV Stabilised Nylon
  • Suitable for External Halyards

Weighted Necklace

  • Suitable for Internal Halyard Flag & Banner Poles

Thanks to our team of dedicated staff, we’ve created a brand that is synonymous with high quality and excellent customer service. If you’re looking for flag poles in Perth to compliment your flag or banner, chat to the experts at Tudor House today. Hence – Times change, tradition and quality remain.

Tudor House

Tudor House