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From outdoor bunting flags for a sporting event, or safety bunting flags to keep your worksite safe, at Tudor House we supply bunting flags for all applications and events.

Alternatively, if you want to get your hands on Australian flag bunting or even international flag bunting, we are the suppliers you’re looking for today. Since 1930, we’ve happily been supplying Perth and Western Australia from our Victoria Park store. Visit us today and find the flags, banners, or bunting flags in Perth you need. We also have a limited range of bunting on sale on our online store too.

Bunting For All Occasions

If you’re looking for bunting for sale in all shapes and sizes, contact Tudor House today. We’ve been Perth’s trusted supplier of quality bunting for over 50 years! We manufacture and supply bunting to suit all requirements, from safety bunting to party bunting, flag bunting and custom-made bunting printed to your specifications on either light polyester or PVC.


Custom-Made Bunting

As the experts when it comes to custom bunting flags, Tudor House can create custom-made bunting specifically for your needs and to your specifications whether it be for promotional or corporate events or personalised bunting for party decorations.

Flag Bunting

National or regional flag bunting is ideal for a festive, decorative look for any commemorative celebration or special day. Tudor House has a wide range of bunting flags in Australian and international designs to choose from too. We can also custom print your personalised logo or club sigma onto the flag bunting to suit your specific needs.

Whether you’d like to visit our Perth store or browse through our available stock online, you are guaranteed to find the flag, banner or bunting you’re looking for. For special occasions or auspicious events, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be able to design, print and manufacture exactly to your needs and specifications.

Fill in our artwork requirement sheet online now, or contact Tudor House today. Tudor House – Times change, tradition and quality remain.

Pennant Bunting

Most commonly used to provide markings for parking at events, plain pennant or strip bunting is a popular choice for school events, sport carnivals and other similar events. We provide pennant bunting and strip bunting in 30-metre single lengths, in a range of colours.

Safety Bunting

Tudor House specialises in safety bunting required by mining, transport and construction companies. We have been supplying safety bunting for a range of large projects in Western Australia for many years and can provide the printed bunting in plain colours, fluorescent colours or as per any other specification.

Tudor House

Tudor House